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Residential Skips: Bolton, Bury and Wigan. Click here for more information.

Commercial Skips: Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond. Click here for more information.

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Cash For Scrap Metal

Cash for Scrap

Bring your scrap metal into our facility

The public and trade are welcome to bring any scrap metal you have into our facility at Westhoughton. Your scrap metal will be weighed quickly and payment will be made straight away. Best prices paid.

J. Doyle Ltd recover end of life and abandoned scrap cars, consumer goods, factory arisings, surplus metal from manufacturing processes and other sources of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal. We offer a comprehensive scrap metal collection and recycling service to many industry groups including automotive, manufacturing, steel stockholders and all engineering companies. J. Doyle Ltd offers a friendly and reliable service, pays competitive prices for scrap metal and helps you to meet your obligations under duty of care.

If you produce a regular supply of scrap metal, J. Doyle Ltd offers a wide range of metal storage containers such as skips and roll on roll offs (RORO's) which can be collected at intervals to suit your business. Should you need scrap metal collected, our logistics infrastructure provides a comprehensive service including hiabs, flat beds, hook lifts, chain lifts and artics.

J. Doyle Ltd also offers local factory clearance services, recycling plant and machinery at competitive prices.

Scrap Cars / End of life vehicle service

J. Doyle Ltd make getting rid of your end of life vehicle easy. Bring it to our facility, weight it in and get paid. Please remember to bring your log book or photo identification. Tough de-pollution and recovery targets are imposed on end of life cars, vans and other vehicles under the EU’s End of Life Vehicles Directive. Each vehicle must undergo detailed de-pollution by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) before the car can be scrapped. Substances covered in this de-pollution include: tyres, fuels, oils, batteries, anti-freeze and pyrotechnics.

Ferrous Metals

J. Doyle Ltd pays competitive prices for scrap ferrous metals such as machinery, plant, cast iron, heavy iron, light iron, steel, profile, cuttings, engines, swarf, turnings and plate and girder

Non Ferrous Metals

J. Doyle Ltd pays competitive prices for scrap non ferrous metals such as aluminium, alloys and alloy wheels, armoured cable, brass, bronze, bright wire, carbide tips, cast zinc, catalytic converters, chrome, copper cable, coils and windings, household cable, heavy copper, lead acid batteries, lead piping, mixed copper, nickel, palladium, precious and semi-precious metals, platinum, sheet lead, solder, stainless steel, tin, titanium, transformers, tungsten and zinc cuttings, dross and residues.

Please ring 01204 527008 for scrap metal prices or more information. Or bring your scrap to our metal recycling facility, best prices paid. Click here for address and location of site.