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J. Doyle Ltd's History

J. Doyle was founded in 1933 by John Doyle who set up his yard in Blackhorse Street in the centre of Bolton. He started of with a horse and cart and was a familiar site around Bolton and the surrounding districts picking up items he could process and sell on.

Recycling as a word had not been coined back then; yet companies such as J. Doyle collected and recycled all manner of materials in order for them to be used again and again. In those pre-war days there was no such thing as a throw away society as large landfills did not exist. Instead items as divers as iron bedsteads to rags were collected to process and reused. We still have price lists dating back to 1933 of what we were paying for all manner of items ranging from champagne bottles to aluminium pans.

In 1963 the company was sold to John Dolyes stepson and his business partner. Around that time the idea of using skips and skip vehicles as a method of collecting materials began to take off and so the company invested in a skip vehicle and skips so that customers could place their metal arisings in the skips and then collect them when full.

Towards the end of the sixties it was decided to branch into waste skips aiming not only at their current customers but also at local builders and the general public.

In 1974 the waste side of the business was purchased by its current owners Hargreaves Hamilton Group. From small origins they managed to grow the business from one vehicle to a fleet of eleven. By 1981 they had also acquired the metal recycling side of the business and an extra yard in Derbyshire Street, Bolton.

In 1989 a company called Waste Management purchased the waste side of the business off Hargreaves Hamilton Group. Consequently they kept the metal processing side of the business disposing of the yard in Derbyshire Street.

Since that time the company has grown into a complete recycling company providing a range of waste management solutions. In 2005 it purchased another local recycling company and now operates out of two sites in Bolton.