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Residential Skips: Bolton, Bury and Wigan. Click here for more information.

Commercial Skips: Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond. Click here for more information.

Service & FAQ’s

J Doyle offer a next day guarantee. Our drivers are fully licensed and insured, very polite and professional. Our office staff are on board to discuss what you need and to arrange for your deliveries and collections to happen at your convenience. All the waste collected is brought back to our recycling facilities so that we can ensure we make every effort to recover, reuse and recycle as much as possible. J Doyle are committed to diverting waste from landfill and protecting the environment.

How do I order a skip?

Either book one online, or choose the skip you require using our size guide, then call us on 01204 527008 and speak to one of our friendly staff; or enter your details in our fast request form and we will call you right back.

What size do I need?

We offer a range of skip sizes from 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. The size guide on our website will give you an idea of what's best for you.

So they can be safely transported, all skips must be level loaded and larger skips (over 8 yards) must not contain heavy materials. If you need advice please call our sales team on 01204 527008 who will be more than happy to help.

How long does it take to get a skip?

Next day or sometimes same day depending where you are and when you order it. However, if a permit is required we would need advance warning as this process can take up to 2 days. The amount of time required to arrange a permit can vary depending on the local council.

Do I need a permit?

Permits are required by most local councils for skips that need to be placed on public land, including footpaths and the highway. Permits can be arranged for a maximum of 28 days. In most cases we will be able to arrange a permit for you. A few councils require that the hirer must

When and how do I pay?

All skip orders are paid for either at the time of ordering or you can give cash to the driver. Our friendly sales staff will take your payment details over the phone. We accept payment by all major credit cards.

Where can the skips be placed?

We will place your skip in the most convenient location which might be your driveway or the road. If we need to place the skip on the road you will need a permit, correct signage and lights. Please contact us if you cannot place on private land (remember the grass verge outside your house may not be owned by you!) and we will organise a permit for you. Alternatively, we may be able to organise a wait and load facility.

How is my skip delivered?

Usually your skip will be delivered by LGV which are normally very large, although we have smaller trucks for tricky locations. Your drive needs to be 2.4 metres wide for a normal truck. When ordered we will enquire about the location of the skip.

Please advise of any access difficulties at the time. Please make sure that there is sufficient access to allow your skip in and out safely. If you are unsure, please contact us and we can provide you with the approximate dimensions required.

What can I put in it?

Skips are for general waste, inert waste (soil, concrete, bricks), wood, metal and builders waste. No Fridges, no TV's or monitors, hazardous waste which includes paints, solvents, liquids or asbestos. Due to weight restrictions, heavy waste cannot be placed in the larger skips (10 yards and over). Read our size guide for more information.

If you're unsure that your waste is suitable, give us a call. We also offer a range of hazardous / specialist waste disposal services, including asbestos.

How long can I keep the skip?

The normal skip hire is for 7 days but this can be extended to suit your needs. If you require a permit for skip placement these can be arranged for a maximum of 28 days.

Will my drive be damaged by the skip?

Block paved and soft tarmac drives can be damaged when placing skips on them. Heavy skips, which require stabilising equipment may also potentially cause damage. While we will take every care to prevent damage, please be aware that once we leave the highway you agree to indemnify us for any damage that occurs whilst on your property.

What if I’m not finished by pick-up day?

If you have not finished with the skip on the agreed pick-up day, you should call us as early as possible. We have thousands of skips available so usually we can be flexible. However if your skip requires a permit and a new permit has to be arranged, the skip may have to be removed while this is organised.

Do you recycle my waste?

At J Doyle we endeavour to recycle at least 80% of our skips waste and often achieve much higher.